Multimodal transportation planning

• Corridor plans
• Transportation and land use plans
• Performance-based long range transportation plans and
Xtransportation improvement programs
• Program development and project prioritization
• Grant application and management
• Public transportation feasibility studies
• Public transportation service area, mode, route, and
Xschedule recommendations
• Fare strategy analysis
• Bus system planning and implementation
• Public policy

Traffic Engineering

• Access management plans
• Traffic signal warrant studies
• Safety assessment and crash analysis
• Environmental assessment
• Preliminary engineering and alignment studies


Geographic Information Systems Applications

• Spatial data analysis
• Visualization and mapping
• Database management
• Travel demand modeling and analysis


• Climate change impacts
• Life cycle assessment
• Linkage between transportation investments and
Xsustainable development
• Asset management


Strategic Planning

• Institutional analysis and organizational assessment
• Strategic consulting and problem solving
• Cash flow analysis and financial plans
• Benefit-cost analysis

Public information and outreach

• Stakeholder involvement
• Workshop and meeting facilitation